14 Dec 2017    Presenting my talk on dispersal at the annual BES conference: "Ecology Across Borders"
1 Dec 2017    Launched a Research Topic for Frontiers EcolEvol: "Animal-mediated dispersal in understudied systems".
10 Nov 2017    Laura Vandionant started as a student on the seed dispersal experiments!
4 Oct 2017    New publication online: fish-eating birds disperse plants and invertebrates first ingested by fish - Biology Letters
28 Sep 2017    Looking for a PhD student to work on dispersal of plants and animals by birds in Spain - project link
25 Sep 2017    New paper accepted on habitat fragmentation, population genetics and fish behaviour - River Research and Applications 
15 Sep 2017    Our postdoc position on resillience of aquatic ecosystems to invasions is online!
12 Sep 2017    Publication accepted in Biology Letters on dispersal of plants and invertebrates by fish-eating birds
23 Jun 2017    Enjoyed the CWE symposium on stressors in aquatic ecosystems!
7 May 2017    New paper online on the importance of river connectivity for salmonid larval movement - Journal of Fish Biology
1 May 2017     Start my new project on animal-mediated seed dispersal at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology!
24 Apr 2017    My 2012 PhD-thesis features in this month's http://fwgna.blogspot.nl - dispersal of snails by birds is fascinating! 
9 Apr 2017    Publication accepted on assessing the risks of invasive aquatic species
21 Feb 2017    Attended inspiring workshop on avian seed dispersal at EBD-CSIC, Seville, Spain
14 Feb 2017    Meeting 350 colleagues in The Netherlands at the NAEM days - hosting a session on movement ecology!
28 Jan 2017    Gave Workshop "Importance of duck anatomy for seed dispersal" during the Netherlands Ornithological Union weekend
27 Jan 2017    Granted a Horizon2020 MSCA Individual Fellowship to work for 2 years as a postdoc at NIOO-KNAW 
16 Jan 2017    Preparing talks for the NAEM and NOU conferences - including a workshop on waterbird diets!
1 Sep 2016   
 Started my new postdoc with Dr. Merel Soons at Utrecht University, The Netherlands
11 Jul 2016    New side-project paper online about (not) using sinus volumes to study climate adaptation in humans and Neanderthals
1 May 2016    I registered as a guest researcher at Aquatic Ecology of the NIOO-KNAW in The Netherlands 
11 Mar 2016    Our paper on the effects of seasonal fishway operation timing is now online in Ecology and Evolution
3 Feb 2016    New manuscript submitted on the importance of downstream drift in the life cycle of riverine fish!
11 Dec 2015    Paper accepted on potential effects of restricted fishway operation in partially migratory populations
29 Oct 2015    Paper submitted on the impact of invasive apple snails on ecosystem functions
6 Oct 2015    Visited Karlstad University to give a seminar on the consequences of river fragmentation for migratory salmonids
22 Sep 2015    Presenting at the symposium "Ecological consequences of waterbird movement"in Utrecht, The Netherlands
21 Jul 2015    Our publication on regurgitation by waterfowl as an overlooked dispersal pathway is online in Aquatic Botany!
15 Jun 2015    Do fish transport seeds farther than we think? Our paper in Functional Ecology is now online early!
25 May 2015    At salmonidsymposium to learn about stream salmonid population ecology - in Girona, Spain
18 May 2015    Paper accepted in Functional Ecology on seed dispersal by fish - now online!
10 Apr 2015    Returned from a stimulating NoWPaS workshop in Galway, Ireland. Collaborations on fish passages, hatcheries and farming
24 Mar 2015    Paper online on spread of invasive plants by ducks and geese - with Andy Green and others in Freshwater Biology
19 Mar 2015    Presenting a Faglunsj-talk on "Fish in fragmented rivers" at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)
19 Feb 2015    Paper accepted in Freshwater Biology on spread of invasive and native plants by waterbirds - with Andy Green and others
9 Feb 2015    Subscribed to the NoWPaS workshop on salmonid migration - http://www.nowpas.eu
20 Jan 2015    Registered for the Fishpassage Conference 2015 - http://fishpassage.umass.edu
2 Nov 2014    Taking a course on Bioinformatic tools for data analysis: 3-7 Nov in Tjärnō, Sweden
7 Oct 2014    New paper in Oikos is accepted! - with Erik Kleyheeg
29 Sep 2014    New publication in Animal Migration by Sarah Jamieson - based partly on my fieldwork in Alaska!
1 Sep 2014    Kristine started as a new MSc student to work on spawning site fidelity of European grayling in Lågen and Otta rivers 
30 Jun 2014    Submitted manuscript on the effect of hydropower dams on salmonids - with Asbjørn Vøllestad and Jon Museth
19 Jun 2014    Fieldwork at Lesjaskogsvatnet - trapping and electrofishing European grayling - with Asbjørn Vøllestad and Thrond Haugen
12 Jun 2014    Submitted manuscript on flume tank experiment - with Bart Pollux
21 May 2014    Invited talk at the Riverconn workshop in Lillehammer - at NINA
20 Nov 2013    Invited talk at the Aquatic Ecology group of Christer Brönmark - Lund University
21 Sep 2013    Visited fishway construction site in Lygna Valley, Southern Norway
14 Sep 2013    Presented research plans at Holmen conference, Holmen, Norway
1 Sept 2013    Started new job at University of Oslo - will work on barriers of fish migration in large Norwegian river systems
12 Jul 2013    Finished flume tank dispersal experiment with common carps at NIOO - with Bart Pollux
5 July 2013    Returned from EFSA meeting in Parma on invasion of Apple snail in Europe
31 Jan 2013    Presented poster at CanMove dispersal conference
19 Jan 2013    Returned form fieldwork on dispersal by Song Thrushes at Carbrera Island - with Louis Santamaria